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Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:35 am
Forumotion's solution to certain forums experiencing issues with visitor messages being deleted was to back up all forums, causing old topics, posts, and member accounts that were previously deleted to show back up on the forum.  

Consequently, it's caused clutter to reappear in certain sections that needs to be cleaned out, and all users who are using a username that was attached to a previously deleted account has had their usernames changed to [username]2.  We have content deleted all the way back in 2013 that has showed back up on the forum, along with several hundred active users with affected accounts.

I am temporarily blocking access to the forum.  I am SO SORRY about this.  We had no previous warning that this would be happening and forumotion staff did not accurately predict just how much data would be affected.

Please review the forum moving topic posted in this same section as it tells you how to get moved to the new forum.

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Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:52 am
To give you an example of just how big this fiasco of a mess is:

We had 15,100 accounts yesterday.  Today we have 19,848.  That's almost 5,000 accounts added back to the forum + any accounts that had usernames from those accounts had theirs changed and would need to be manually fixed.

This will take legit weeks, if not months, to sort through and fix, so we have decided to go ahead and move users in small batches to the new forum.  It's not 100% ready, but it's ready enough for you guys to use it without running into any major issues.  It is just not worth spending that much time to fix this forum when we have a new forum 90% ready to go that we can just get a head start on.

Again, I APOLOGIZE A MILLION TIMES FOR THIS, but this was not the fault of GASR staff.  This was all on forumotion and they have offered no remedy for this.

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Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:30 pm

- Post Count
- Reputation
- Join Date (Will be done separately)
- Event Awards
- Badges (Authentic Artist, Contributor)
- Name Change Log
- Warnings (Both Current and expired from the previous 5 years.)


- Shops
- Posts

Why?  Because table coding doesn't work the same on the new forum so we can't just move shop coding over.  You'll have to reformat your shops using text and editor changes.  


a)  If you've joined Discord, you already know the process.
b)  If you haven't joined our Discord, you will have to wait until we are finished with discord users first, since they took the time to follow instructions and help us make the move easier.

If you register on the new forum and you haven't gone through the processes the moderators have setup, your account will not be approved and you will go last.  Don't be inconsiderate.
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