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TOS Update: Blacklists
July 31, 2017 #tos #update

We've made an update to our Rules & Guidelines. More specifically, our guidelines covering harassment. Click here to read about the change.

Profile Awards
July 24, 2017 #update

Because of the whole mess with photobucket changing how their image hosting works, a lot of users have lost some award badges. Click here for more information!

GASR's New Moderators
July 20, 2017 #aanouncement

After carefully reviewing each application we've received, we are pleased to announce our newest staff members! Click here to view our new team members!

Photobucket TOS Change
June 30, 2017 #announcement

Photobucket has changed their Terms of Service which is affecting a lot of our members currently. Linking images from their website is no longer allowed with free accounts. Click here for more information.

GASR Moderator Applications are CLOSED
June 12, 2017 #update

Yes, it's that time again; we are in dire need of more volunteers to help moderate our forum and ensure that all members behave according to our forum rules. Click here to apply!

June 10, 2017 #announcement

Due to the recent influx of users violating the AP guidelines set by Forumotion that we are required to enforce, we've decided that a little refresher on that section of the rule book was needed. Click here for further information.

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Do you think GASR should move to its own private server?
 43% [ 444 ]
 11% [ 113 ]
Not Now
 4% [ 43 ]
Not Sure
 18% [ 180 ]
Don't Care if We Stay or Go
 24% [ 242 ]
Total Votes : 1022


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Do you think GASR should move to its own private server?
 43% [ 444 ]
 11% [ 113 ]
Not Now
 4% [ 43 ]
Not Sure
 18% [ 180 ]
Don't Care if We Stay or Go
 24% [ 242 ]
Total Votes : 1022

Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 14:49
Since the new GASR was created in 2012, it has been hosted through Forumotion, causing us to have to create our own TOS that follows their TOS as well.  Over the years many issues have been brought to light and the limitations that come from it, not only functionally wise, but also due to Forumotion restrictions.

For the past few months we have been considering ways to leave our host and move to an independent server where we can have our own platform, with rules 100% written by us without being limited to what is offered from a hosting company.  We are happy to announce that we might have found a solution that will make that possible however, we want to hear the community's feedback on whether this would be a good step to take for the future of GASR.

To make this decision easier for you, we have gathered a list of pros and cons that should be taken into consideration before you provide feedback.  Please read through all of them carefully and consider your thoughts before posting or voting in the poll.  We know a lot of people are scared by change, but we will work as best as possible to make the transition easy.

Click to Review F.A.Q.s
Click to Review Current List of Suggested Changes & Features

The decision to move the forum has been made.  Both the staff and majority of you guys have voted yes, and so the work has officially begun.

Official Update #1
Official Update #2

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Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 14:49

  • No Host

    We will purchase space on a private server and will use this to store our website data.  We will not have to deal with hosts like forumotion dictating what we can and cannot do with GASR or pay for ridiculous things like removing ads, removing branding/logos, etc.  We'll also have better up-time reliability due to not having thousands and thousands of forums being hosted by the same person.

  • No 3rd Party Restrictions

    We will not be bound to the rules of someone else.  Being chained to forumotion is the reason why a lot of features and additions that you guys want cannot be added without a huge risk attached to it.  We can write our own rules and dictate how we want things ran without having to modify it to also suit the restrictions set by Forumotion.  That also means, if we choose to have a NSFW section, no one can tell us we can't.

  • Up-to-Date Forum Software

    Under forumotion, we are limited to which software and what version of that software they provide to us.  We cannot upgrade at our own discretion.  With our own database, we have the ability to keep everything upgraded to the latest updated software we choose to use.  What that means in straight terms:

    • Incredible Performance Increase

      There are new supported versions of software that work twice as fast as what we're used to, meaning faster load times, better usability, etc.

    • Improved Moderation Tools

      We'll be able to provide better staff support to you guys instead of depending on word of mouth.  Report systems, Email support, etc. will all be added/improved.

    • No feature restriction.

      We can add things like a gallery, a store, and other features without the limitations we have with forumotion's current html page system.  Basically, we'll be able to build a website around the forum instead of trying to build a website in the forum.

  • Members (That's You Guys) Do Nothing

    Yes, that's correct.  We don't need you guys to do anything for this move.  This will all be done on staff's side with the help of a few outside people who know a little bit more about moving a lot of data over faster and with minimal loss.  The only thing you will have to do is create a new password for the new forum once we start using it.

    All of your account info will be moved over.  Information will be manipulated to reflect the stats that you have on GASR, such as join date, post count, profile awards, etc.


  • You must have access to the original email on your GASR account.

    Your account info will be moved over, and that includes the email attached to your account.  If you do not have access to the email on your account, this will cause complications on moving you over.  You won't be able to access your account on the new forum without resetting your password, and everyone must do it via email only.

    We highly suggest any of you guys who are using a dead email or an email you can no longer log in to to update their email addresses as soon as possible.  Updating this info will make the process of moving for you a whole lot easier.  Even if we decide not to move, this still helps for recovering passwords as we do not personally reset passwords unless it is an incredible circumstance.

  • Cost is a smidge higher.

    The cost of server space will cost a little more than the fees we pay on GASR, but only by a small percent (~20% increase) and only for a short time.  On forumotion, when you want to add things like member art galleries, you'll have to pay for storage space.  On our hosted server, we can add features like that without having to pay extra costs, so in the end, it'll be cheaper to host ourselves on a private server than on a forum host anyway.  

    Do not worry about the extra cost.  It's not much more than we are currently paying and you guys do an amazing job donating and purchasing extra perks (name changes, backgrounds, ad space) to where we can be comfortable taking on a change like this.

  • Possible data loss.

    We will try to move all posts/threads over, but we can't guarantee that some data won't be lost.  With that being said, we don't expect anything major to be lost (less than 5%).  If anything regarding this changes, we will update you guys ASAP.

  • Possibly learning newer systems.

    Things you're used to might not be the same way on the new forum system since it will be the very latest forum software available, vs. old software we were stuck using on forumotion, but the learning curve should be extremely small.  We might even get lucky and not have any changes at all, or at least changes not entirely noticeable.  
Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 14:51
Now that you've heard the good and the bad about moving the forum to its own private server, please tell us whether or not you think this is a great idea for everyone and the growth of GASR, and please explain your points in as great detail as you can.

Everyone's opinions will be considered in this.  This is such a huge decision for GASR and we are not going to take this lightly.  Do not attack others for their feedback and do not use this as a platform to express personal concerns as those posts will be deleted and you may receive a warning.

Whatever is decided, please know that we are not going to rush this.  We want to give plenty of time for a proper discussion and plenty of time for planning the next step once a decision is made.

Please review the FAQs in the next post before you post a question, as it may already be answered.

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Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 14:51

All feature suggestions/questions are kept separate from the FAQ list.

Q:  When will the move take place?  When will it be finished?

We are currently in the process of doing all of the setup and getting things transferred over.  We do not have a finish date at this current time.  The closer we get to finishing the work, we'll update you guys with an expected deadline.

Q:  Will the forum url be the same?

Yes, we will still be using as our url.  We will transfer it over to the new forum if decided, so don't worry.  As stated above, we will make the transition as easy as possible, trying hard to make it feel like we didn't actually move at all.

Q:  Will the theme/look of the forum change?

Not by much, if at all.  We plan on setting things up as exact as possible on the new forum as we do on here, but like we noted in the Cons, new system means new way of doing things, so we might not be able to get *everything* exact, but we'll get pretty dang close.

Q:  How will we be prompted to reset our password?  Will we have to reset before the move?

Nope, you won't have to do anything until after the move.  Once we have all the information moved over and GASR is operational as it is here, we will trigger the system to send all of you guys emails to reset your password on the new forum.  These emails will be sent to the email address attached to your account on forumotion.  Once you complete the reset process, you can log into the new forum with your normal GASR username + the password you just created.

Q:  Does this mean we won't have to follow any rules/listen to the mods?

Nooo.  All we're doing is moving the forum from a host to a private server.  The only rules we're dropping are any that we've had to make because of the restriction's of Forumotion's own TOS.  Mods still have authority, you still have to follow the rules.  Sorry, LOL.

Q:  Will our warnings be reset?  Will banned people be able to come back?

Anyone who is already banned will stay banned.  Warnings will move over with you, along with name changes and anything else attached to your account.  Basically, whatever your account is set to on GASR will be set on the new server.  Nothing in that aspect will change.  If you do something that would get you banned here, it'll get you banned there.  (With the exception of the changes we decide to make.)

We're moving the forum from a host to a private server.  We aren't removing any history data.

Q:  Does this mean we can have a NSFW section?  If so, will we be able to use NSFW art as our DPs?

A NSFW section is a high possibility and one of the many reasons why we decided to think about moving.  Even if we decide to have a section where you can post all of your AP/NSFW goodies, you still CANNOT use AP/NSFW artwork as your profile picture/display picture.  Those will be viewable by EVERYONE, including those under the age of 18.  That is a rule that will NEVER change.  You'll only be allowed to post NSFW artwork in sections that allow it and no where that can be accessed by anyone publicly.  This includes your profiles for now as well.

Q:  Where do we go to update our email address?

Under the "Information" tab when you go to edit your profile.  Should look similar to [ this ].

Q:  Didn't we have an AP section before?

We did have an AP section, but that was before we knew the full extent of the forumotion TOS. Because the section itself was pretty much dead, we decided it was best to remove it as soon as the mistake was realized.

Will be updated as questions come in.

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Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 15:19
Current List of Suggested Changes & Features

Nothing on this list is final.

  • Making IMVU related artwork its own sub-section.
  • Users who were banned from rules we may not have after the move may get unbanned.
  • More profile customizations.
  • A way for users to change their own usernames using the same system, but automatically.  1 free, multiple changes require a donation/purchase of a token of some sort.  (Similar to IMVU)
  • Option to pin a post to the top of each page in a thread.
  • Changing "tag" section in mini-profiles to "status" so people can use it for updates.
  • Post scheduling.
  • "Meet the Artist" image section on user profiles.
  • Different theme color options.
  • One time pop-ups for new events/announcements/important things.
  • Availability status on profiles.
  • Community Manager
  • Watchlist Organization
  • Customizable Folders for Inbox  (Already a WIP)
  • Gallery (Already a WIP)
  • Improve Friend System
  • New emotes focused around our mascot.
  • Badge system similar to IMVU.

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Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 15:38
Okay well considering I helped write about a quarter of this post I guess my opinion on this topic is obvious

I myself was concerned about the moving process, but being independent is something I've wanted for a very long time and now that we finally found a way that can work I'm definitely hoping people will be supporting this decision, but if not I'm sure myself and the team will do their best to work with the platform we currently have.
I encourage everyone to participate and type something out because we want to hear what people think and a poll isn't really enough. If you're worried, let us know you're worried, if you hate it, let us know if you do and why you do, same if you love it blah blah.
Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:20
Maybe moving to another platform will help gasr bring in more traffic.

From a few years ago when IMVU got rid of resellers, gasr tried to separate itself from IMVU, although it is still semi tied to it, (dp size, a lot of customers still order dps for their imvu profiles, etc), and by doing this move, if you do it, will help separate gasr from imvu but also perhaps maybe having it in a sub-category?

That way, you can make your own rules without having to also abide by forumotions rules as well, bringing in ap artwork and other artists from deviantart, tumblr, if gasr is known enough for that. (but would you have an age restriction on minors going into ap categories? i'm sure you guys are thinking about this too).

Do you guys plan on having a different theme/layout if you decide to move from forumotion? I know a lot of people are used to the layout and how to locate things and I'm not sure if you plan to have themes to switch to by the account, or do have it completely different like "new move, new theme" ya know?

I do think it's a great idea, and I don't mind if you guys decide to transfer or stay here.

Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:21
I think this is a good idea tbh, I
think it benefits more in which
more rules that were brought
about by the non-private server
can be adjusted to where everyone
pretty much has equal say in certain
things! (if that makes sense??)

Anyways, it sounds like it'd be
better for both the mods and
us as members. From what I'm
seeing the pros tend to outweigh the cons more.
Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:30
@Alex Yeah I agree on that, I feel like us leaving forumotion would be another step to be 100% independent from everything we've been tied to. We haven't talked much about what we're gonna do about IMVU yet but I think if we go through with this idea, it'll be something we'll start thinking of since we want to expand GASR to other artists.
About the age restriction, yep we did think about that so we're probably gonna have an age restriction for the sake of the whole internet these days (we don't want angry parents coming after us sketch)
Regarding the layout, I think it's gonna stay pretty similar to what we currently have because moving is already such a big change, you know? (even though for the users it won't be that noticeable, for us staff it's a huge change) We don't want to change everything at once, and it's gonna take a bit for everyone to adjust to all the changes we have coming, so any layout changes will be gradually introduced and thought of according to the community's needs.
Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:34
I replied to you Alex, but Mar pretty much said the exact same thing I did.  LOL  (Guess we typed at the same time.)

Any plans on changing the theme will be put on hold until everyone is comfortable again on the new platform.  I already have some of you guys sending me color palette ideas and I am def going to try them out and see what works. I'm excited to have help brighten this place up.


Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:35
Well I know @Queen likes to break things so I was just askin'.

I think adding categories to imvu-related things, etc etc, would be really neat.

Would you bring back the OT?

Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:36
Percival wrote:
I think this is a good idea tbh, I
think it benefits more in which
more rules that were brought
about by the non-private server
can be adjusted to where everyone
pretty much has equal say in certain
things! (if that makes sense??)

Anyways, it sounds like it'd be
better for both the mods and
us as members. From what I'm
seeing the pros tend to outweigh the cons more.

Yesss, I agree that the pros def outweigh the cons by a huge margin.  Hoping people take that heavily into consideration before they vote/reply.  

And yes, this WILL be better for both us and you guys.  Things can become more automated and we won't have to depend on everything being word of mouth via PMs.


That IMVU sub-category suggestion is good.  Hold on to that and I'll add it to the discussion to-do list for staff.


Last edited by Queen on Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:38; edited 2 times in total
Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:37
dun-dun-dun. The return of the OT is a work in progress but there's not much I can say about it yet
Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:40
@Alex wrote:
Well I know @Queen likes to break things so I was just askin'.

Can you stop exposing me tbh


Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 16:46

but i do hope that it eventually happens!
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