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Breast Cancer Awareness
Oct 17, 2016 #event

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The event mods have created an event for everyone to show support to those who have been affected by breast cancer. Click here to join.

Fall Scavenger Hunt
Oct 3, 2016 #event

Here comes another scavenger hunt! Click here to join the fun. This event ends on October 17, 2016. Prizes will be given as always.

New Moderators Needed
Sep 22, 2016 #announcement

We are in need of new moderators! If you are interested in becoming an art shop moderator, an art theft moderator, an event coordinator, or a social media specialist (new position!) please click here to apply. The deadline to apply is October 14, 2016.

Official Twitter Account
Sep 22, 2016 #announcement

GASRforum finally has an official Twitter account! Follow our account: GASRforum

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Background credit:
Sonya aka Diffendoofer

Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 14:49
I need help to figure out how to make my shops look cute like other shop owners like with the coding since i am kinda bad at that examples or a picture of how it would look like in a code would be nice 
Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 15:12
Queen did a very nice tutorial about coding which you can check here:
I hope this helps

✿ Please feel free to contact me for any assistance regarding the issues listed in the
contact page or my profile!

Mon 25 Apr 2016 - 18:39
@Marnot really because i kinda understand it but i don't really get how you put the text into the tables
Wed 27 Apr 2016 - 0:22
Here is a simple table code with a fixed width, minimum height, padding, and a 1px black border.


[table style="width: 500px; height: 50px; padding:15px; border: 1px solid #000000;"][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table]

Where the text goes:


[table style="width: 500px; height: 50px; padding:15px; border: 1px solid #000000;"][tr][td]The text would go here.[/td][/tr][/table]

The text would go here.
Wed 27 Apr 2016 - 19:49
Replying to your PM here in case someone else is confused as well. @DARKZEROMELLODY

The "background inside the borders" is not that.  it's a background added to the table style and your text being added to the table data.  This is the coding I took from my help guide.  (Bottom of this post.) I added where you would need to add your text since you were confused about that.

[table style="padding:30px; background-image:url(;"][tr]
[td style="padding: 5px; background-color:#ffffff; width:500px; opacity:0.7;"]Text would go here.[/td][/tr][/table]

Text would go here. Text would go here. Text would go here.
Text would go here.  Text would go here.  Text would go here.

If you want to change the background image, you would change this part:  (I changed the . to * to prevent it from linking.)


Erase the link and add a new one, remembering not to delete the parenthesis.  

If you want it a solid color instead of a background image, you would change this part:


Erase that entire line and instead use:

background-color: #000000

Changing #000000 to the desired hex code/color.
Today at 8:57
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