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Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:16 pm
Hello! So I'm trying to customise my new shop (try to make it really fance @D@ ), but I have a problem. I want to post some examples under Spoiler but when I do so and preview it, the image I posted goes outside the spoiler boarders for some reason, although there is plenty of space left on my table. Any clue why that is happening? I would post the example here but it works just fine here ;/
Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:24 pm
Could you link me which of your shops that this is happening in so I can take a look at your coding?
Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:32 pm
I still haven't Published the shop. Only working with preview until it's ready ;/

But here is the specific Table. The problem is with the Badge examples.

Last edited by FluffyCandyYummy on Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:38 am; edited 1 time in total
Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:36 am
Ahh, that's the issue, unfortunately I don't think that if you table your spoilers like that no matter what the image will always poke out, most people who table their spoilers do it just so the spoiler tab itself will be smaller, ofc if the image is larger than the tabled spoiler it'll poke out no matter what.

I could be wrong though, but from my experience with tabling spoilers that's what I know, maybe someone else has a found a trick out of it, but far as I know unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it.
Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:37 am
@Krist Ah I see. It's okay, not a big deal anyway :)

Thanks so much for the help.
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