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Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:45 am
UPDATE:  Varsha just announced that using the direct transfer and sticker payment option is not allowed per TOS. There is speculation that this includes the buying and selling of artwork as well. Many people have asked for a more clear and direct answer regarding art, but Varsha has yet to answer.

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Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:13 am
IMVU disgusts me ugh.

A bit off-topic, if we sell art for credits, without using their sticker system (which doesn't work anymore i guess), can we still get them via normal transfer or do they have to purchase us the credits directly?
Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:12 pm
have a pants for 10,000credits eue

imvu really want to get rid o us i see


"Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things.
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Pixel by Katie
Sun Nov 01, 2015 11:08 pm
@Yeri; Direct transfer/help tickets is still a legit way to receive payments.  That will be the one they won't get rid of because they can actually keep track of it via a transaction number.  

I think they just want to cut out any and all middle men when it comes to credits.  Either way, someone is having to buy credits to send to someone else, which means IMVU gets 100% profit and not the little 10% profit they get via sticker sales.

@Mattie; Tbh, I blame all of the artists bitching about the creator system not being a way for artists to earn money.  After numerous attempts to explain that the change was forced by the IRS and that the creator system was never intended as a way to pay artists, people still went in causing a scene.  I think this is IMVU's way of telling them to screw off and be happy we let you do it for however many years already tbh.  

I won't lie, I was pissed too, but what can you do about it.  It is for product creators after all.  + You joke about the 10k pants now, but IMVU can revoke your right to earn cash completely if they think you're trying to cheat the system.

But!!  The blame is shared.  It's also due to people trying to game the tier system creating wise by using payment stickers as the only payment option they accept for everything.  You can go pro with barely 300 products in your catalog as long as you make enough money for 2 points in the top section of the tier sheet, which is only about 200,000 with the numbers right now.  Anyone accepting sticker payments can easily make that much and more in a 3 month period.

And for anyone reading this getting ideas for yourself, also remember that IMVU will perma-ban you. If all they have to do if find one hair out of place to keep from paying you, they will.

Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:33 am
It's also not just GASR artists, like I don't know of many GASR artists who even sell through stickers anymore?? Like nobody expects to make enough money that way to make it worth their time.

The bulk of people using stickers for payment are devs for file sales and other things like that.

Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:42 am

Yeah, that's why I didn't specifically say GASR, cause the artists on IMVU out number the amount of actual artists on GASR probably 3 times over, if not more, and they're the ones doing most of the complaining.  You'd be surprised to know that most of the people using stickers for payments are still IMVU artists.  A lot of the consistent devs switched to PayPal or direct transfer only with their files.  We already have too many limits, so we don't want to have to wait another two weeks for a payment when the person gets the product same day.

Those oil paint then edit artists make anywhere from 200k-500k alone in sticker payments a month.  (Rough estimate based on how many I see get sold on Pulse on a monthly basis by the same artists.)

Artists are the reason this even became a big deal in the first place, but 90% of them don't realize the forums exist or how to use them, which is why you only see that majority of responses are from creator to almost everything, even if it doesn't effect them.

So yeah, this really only affects IMVU artists because no one who accepts credits on GASR makes as much money as they do, but I still wanted to let people know just in case they deal with a high amount of sticker payments.
Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:20 pm

Users can no longer accept or use credits as payment for artwork, on or off-site.

Tagging a few of you guys so you read this. IMVU is now enforcing this instead of just the sticker rule.

@Bedlam, @Vin, @Alexia, @Persephone, @Mattie

Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:31 pm
I haven't read much of the thread yet so please don't kill me. Basically this means the only payment options we can accept are paypal and dA points? Since credits aren't allowed
Well..  Not impressed

edit//: Sorry i reread it LOL. I guess it's time to completely leave imvu 

✿ Please feel free to contact me for any assistance regarding the issues listed in the
contact page or my profile!

Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:34 pm
Yep, that's pretty much a quick summary.  IMVU is basically saying that no one is allowed to profit off of credits except for active creators and that they can't be used as an ATM via the transfer system anymore.  

I tried to read through the thread, but I got confused half-way through.  People aren't taking the time to read things and are making assumptions and confusing other people as well.

But ye, anyone who has IMVU solely for credits to buy/sell artwork no longer need their accounts anymore, lol.
Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:56 pm
fuck imvu, fuck fuck fuck you. fucking fuck. omg i fucking hate imvu.

please don't ban me, but srsly, fuck imvu. stop screwing us over.
Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:59 pm
how are you gonna get your warning bar back and then go on an f-bomb rant.


jk, it's relevant.  you didn't add enough fucks to your post tho.  

This pretty much killed my forum.  Every single person who buys homepage layouts use credits.  Not that many people use PayPal because they don't buy homepages like they do artwork.  They use it for a long time before buying another.

The silver lining to all of this though would be that all those people who liked to make their own incorrect credit conversion rates can't do that anymore.
Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:05 pm
I'm pretty upset considering i still used credits from my art to have fun with outfits and products in the catalogue.
Gasr is gonna suffer with this too considering some people still accepted credits for badges and stuff
I think we should have an announcement about this too

✿ Please feel free to contact me for any assistance regarding the issues listed in the
contact page or my profile!

Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:21 pm
I'm not even that upset, because I knew this was going to happen. The moment the IRS forced them to pay creators directly so they couldn't skirt around taxes anymore was when a lot of us knew they would have to crack down and change the TOS a ton, which they have in the last 9 months alone. They might as well have re-written the entire thing.

Anyway they can save money and cut out anyone using the system for other purposes other than actively creating, they will. They lose more money having to pay us than they did letting us sell through resellers, but because the IRS told them they can't do that, they're just slowly telling everyone to fuck off about trying to make money.

Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:05 pm
where she state that we can't use direct transfer?cause no matter how i read it, to my own understanding she say can't use sticker payment no matter we set it as credit or cash. blah..maybe i miss her post on direct transfer thing, if she did mean direct transfer too then that sad since i only use the credit to buy gift for my sisters in imvu or buy any art that still use credit as payment. plus she say it only for meshes and textures. anyway reading it over & over again only make me headache lol!
Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:28 pm
From my understanding (at least what people have been saying) it's just product sales that are not allowed to be sold offsite with stickers?

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