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Breast Cancer Awareness
Oct 17, 2016 #event

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The event mods have created an event for everyone to show support to those who have been affected by breast cancer. Click here to join.

Fall Scavenger Hunt
Oct 3, 2016 #event

Here comes another scavenger hunt! Click here to join the fun. This event ends on October 17, 2016. Prizes will be given as always.

New Moderators Needed
Sep 22, 2016 #announcement

We are in need of new moderators! If you are interested in becoming an art shop moderator, an art theft moderator, an event coordinator, or a social media specialist (new position!) please click here to apply. The deadline to apply is October 14, 2016.

Official Twitter Account
Sep 22, 2016 #announcement

GASRforum finally has an official Twitter account! Follow our account: GASRforum

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Sonya aka Diffendoofer

Thu 30 Jul - 4:19
for some reason i cannot delete notifications from my toolbar.

ill click the red x and it brings me to the top of the page of the screen im currently on.
Thu 30 Jul - 5:12
Yeah another user brought this issue to our attention in the suggestions/feedback thread, we don't know what's up with that yet, but Diabolus and Bedlam are working on getting that fixed ASAP

For now if you want to delete your notifs I would recommend clicking the "See all notifications" and just deleting them all/choosing which to delete via that way.

Feel free to PM me if you need any assistance regarding Auctions or any of the things I fall under on the Contact Page.

@Flix wrote:
I play too much league and I need jesus.

Thu 30 Jul - 13:03
alright thx lol
Sat 1 Aug - 11:27

Everyone should now be able to delete notifications, edit their profiles, and view the editor's toolbar when sending a PM.

The problem was that I accidentally pasted a script before one of Forumotion's scripts, so it disabled any clicking or submitting functions on the forum. I have no idea why that removed the toolbar, though. At least it's all back.

may your limits be unknown
may your efforts be your own
Sat 1 Aug - 11:31
Tagging @Princess @Doll @Darkest because you all mentioned the problem.

may your limits be unknown
may your efforts be your own
Sat 1 Aug - 11:32
thank you so much! i noticed the change. it helps a loot. and it's okay, everyone makes mistakes. thank you so much. ♥
Sat 1 Aug - 12:33
@Diabolus : Thank you ! Sorry for mentioning it ; I was unsure if it were just me or not because I asked a friend and she said she weren't having this problem.
So I figured I would ask in case something was wrong, as I even checked in the feedback forum
but I guess soon after someone posted about it.
Sat 1 Aug - 18:08
i'm now back to enjoying my time also yeah i notice the inbox when i was trying to send <_> it was so small XD but yes now its all good thank you so much :3
also its okay that a script was missed, to be honest i can honestly see that because of how much you were trying to fix that one day with all the glitches on the form :)
but i thank you!
Today at 21:46
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