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Sun May 31, 2015 8:19 pm
hi so as you know, or maybe don't know, my laptop died like almost 4 weeks ago and i DESPERATELY need a new one
however, im conflicted between getting a mac or windows
ive gotten input from so many people and even people from the computer stores themselves but i stiLL DONT KNOW BECAUSE LIKE
if i get mac thats easier for my life but iTS SO EXPENSIVE
but if i get windows i have to also spend the money to make sure the laptop is to its best performance in catering my illustration needs

to do

i just have a feeling that the laptop i'm looking for is more or less kind of similar to gaming laptops specs wise etc
so if any of you have any input or suggestions please post here and hELP ME OTL

also im not getting hp or acer cause everyone told me they're shit
windows laptop wise im told i should get either asus, toshiba, or lenovo so OTL
Sun May 31, 2015 8:25 pm
I think it really depends on what you're looking to get out of a computer. Macs are great for art software and making organization simple, the downside of macs in my opinion is that they get outdated quickly. PCs are great for gaming. Literally the ONLY reason I would get a PC again is because I love to game, otherwise I would definitely switch to a mac. If you do decide to go the PC route, I would get a Lenovo. is a great place to shop for PC products if you're looking for a nice build.
Sun May 31, 2015 8:39 pm
a lot of my friends highly suggest pc cause i can get further with my budget which i kind of agree with mac is just so expensive but im really REALLY not tech savvy and mac is so difficult to maintain i feel like ;(
Sun May 31, 2015 8:42 pm
@Diffendoofer wrote:
a lot of my friends highly suggest pc cause i can get further with my budget which i kind of agree with mac is just so expensive but im really REALLY not tech savvy and mac is so difficult to maintain i feel like ;(

Yeah, I feel the same way! If it were me, I'd get a PC, it's way more versatile.
Sun May 31, 2015 8:44 pm
yeah true
last time i went to bestbuy they're not rlly much help tho they like RECOMMENDED
but like i suck with recommendations cause in the end im just like YOU GOTTA PICK IT FOR ME CAUSE I KNOW I'LL FUCK UP
Sun May 31, 2015 10:41 pm
person with a Mac and HP with Windows 7 (which I see you don't want, but ayyyy) here.
Can you list some of the things you would need the laptop for; Sonyuh? (:
Like, I would definitely not suggest a Mac if you like to play games.

Here's a breakdown of prices

I have the 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display.
I spent extra to get 16 GB instead of 8 GB of memory.
I got a student discount when I got it so the price of the macbook+extra memory, apple care, mouse, and external usb was 1937$ (that includes shipping). You should get a student discount as well since you're a student.
I also got a speck case and keyboard cover for 65$+.
I bought all of this directly from apple.

I cannot remember the size of my HP, but it is bigger than my Mac. It's an HP Pavillion g6 series.
It cost 300-500$ from Office Depot. My mother cannot remember the exact price. ;c

I'll think of some pros and cons after you reply so I can cater them to your specific needs (Y)
Sun May 31, 2015 10:51 pm
well i only wanna play sims tbh (for games)
and i need it mostly for art obviouslyyyy
but when i do art for school and or commish outside of gasr i work with huge files

so the programs i'll need it for is probs photoshop, after effects, MAYBE illustrator
and paint tool sai

also yeah like.. mac is just so SO expensive though is the thing
nearly 2k i cant afford that i dont think

also im not gonna get an hp i had that and even though it lasted a long time it was pretty shit LOL

also since when r u pure kIA LOL
Sun May 31, 2015 11:44 pm
oh then either a mac or windows laptop would work for you in regards to gaming if you only want the sims
Altering your Mac to play games (or anything else really) that won't work with it otherwise will ultimately screw you over if you end up messing up your Mac in the process as they explicitly state that they won't fix that for you under apple care. : (((
I don't think paint tool sai is compatible with Macs.
The Lenovo Y series in general.
^ I found those when looking for laptops for art students (+ mac) I didn't see that much for Toshiba.

I also spoke with apple and they said this would be what you would need to get if you went down the apple path.
It includes the student discount and hopefully apple care. I'm not sure if you wanted to up the memory from 8GB to 16GB. It also doesn't include the mouse or external superdrive. The superdrive would be an additional 79$ and the mouse would be an additional 69$.
Click this if the other link doesn't work.
They also said you could pay monthly instead of all at once.
click here for more information on that.
Quote from apple representative: "Barclaycard Visa. So basically the card would cover the cost of the MacBook Pro and she would pay the card off. Depending on which payment plan she selects she can even take over a year to pay it off!"
* that is if you are buying the laptop from apple and not best buy or whatever. I don't know if you could buy it from best buy and then send it in to apple tech later to be upgraded *

Honestly, my recommendation would be either an Asus or a Macbook (not to say that the Lenovo is a bad choice - this is just a personal preference based off of what I gathered from researching).

I have been pure since this name change
now nobody can accuse me of being tainted  
Sun May 31, 2015 11:52 pm

I've read alot here about brands but little mention on the specs?
If you're gonna use the laptop for anything art wise and you store loads of shit on it, and run alot of software simultaneously/ alot of programs simultaneously in one session, like i do, and want it to last for abit more than two years without lags and procrastinations and consistant breakdowns atleast get a good processor, preferrable an intel i7, or at the very least the i5. Or else you'll end up having alot of lags and problems with the Windows software. You can take my word for it; with a weak processor you'll probably end up trying to defragmentate or reinstall windows a couple of time, PS might randomly shut down etc. Since unlike the OS system windows does degenerate performancewise after a while, which means you'll have to reinstall the system on your computer every once in a while. I recommend always keeping a backup external harddrive for transferring important files before reinstalling.
That aside though you'll probably also need or want, depends where your priorities lie, full HD graphics and a good resolution. It makes working quite a bit easier is what I think.
You shouldnt care too much for the graphics card because those are the ones that'll burn holes into your pockets. The more powerful the graphics card within the laptop, the higher the cost. Unless you need all that extra force and unless you work with hradcore 3D software or ArchiCAD etc settle for something moderate. Like a standard intel. Most gaming laptops have a really strenuous and powerful graphicscard set within them because they need to run heavy gaming on a longterm basis, which demands extremely high performance. But if you don't need that i really recommend you stay away from such extreme laptops because it probably will just be a financial and unecessary burden to you. And a standard eighth gen. intel graphics should do just as well if your main intent is for sims and the upcoming sim games.

Brandwise I personally think the main issues for me is how robust the hardware they build is, and how accessible spare parts for the laptop are and for how long they are accessible + the quality of the technical support they give- such as if I call them up regarding a problem or a malfunction or even an inquiry- how often will they be able to help, how they help, will they take over the repairs? etc.
Some do some dont. That's something you should ask about if you're unfamiliar on these aspects with a certain brand. Or brands. Inspecting a laptop and gathering peoples' opinions on the laptop quality won't suffice in this regard. Sometimes what's just as bad is buying a high quality laptop and the one time it does break right after the guarantee is over with you have no access to spare parts because the brand's tech team tells you it no longer produces spare parts for that model since it's outdated and they are unwilling to do anything else about it. Or they'll charge you enough to be able to buy a new laptop in its stead.

So there are many things to consider before buying.

What I've heard alot of techstore people tell me is that mostly when it comes to mac- even though they are great computers- stable, robust, high quality, etc. a considerable amount is paid soley for the brand name.
You can get windows laptops with similar qualities at a lower price. between 900-1250 Euros.

And if you can in addition - i'd recommend buying a laptop with windows 7 or windows 7 professional preinstalled and not windows 8. Since windows 8 is problematic more often than not, atleast I tend to think so, and I don't really like the layout. Or acquire a windows 7/professional CD.

But it's all up to you. Good luck on the search!
Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:38 am
Moving this thread to the help forum.
Even though I own a mac idk if I would recommend it?
Paint tool sai doesn't work for mac, only photoshop does.

Like I have had bad bad bad experiences with non mac laptops.
Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:27 am
oh ok its here gOD

thanks for moving it tino
also yeah i hate windows 8 its so gross

+ kia -
yeah while mac is probably the BEST best option i'd feel shit for my dad if he has to get on a payment plan for my laptop as well considering we're already on one for my school LOL
i'll ask him though cause i do think mac is the best option for me since im not tech savvy and windows is just a lot of work
my friend who is a youtuber is using the lenovo y50 and he said it's pretty nice so might consider that
i'll probably ask my dad and see what he thinks
i mean im not getting the mac with retina display whatever and when i checked the ones i want are the 1k one or the 1,2k but then again they're always like you can upgrade this to this with an extra so so dollars which is kinda annoying LOL
i mean great that its an option but it just makes everything so expensive
plus.. just the fact that macs dont get viruses is already a huge thing cause anti virus is so fucking expensive

+ tino
i can work on photoshop cause thats what i work on at school, tbh sai just helps me with line quality since coloring is much easier for me in photoshop LOL
but photoshop is such a heavy program and sai is not you know
Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:37 am
If you get a windows, you would have both? (photoshop + sai)
So that's a plus
Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:10 pm
I hope he's able to work something out with the payment plan.
there's also the Citizens One Payment Plan that can be used if your parents have good credit.
example) 1000$ loan over 48 months = around 30$ monthly payments.
if that's still bad, then I hope the Lenovo meets your needs. I know nothing about those types of laptops and I'm sure your friend wouldn't lead you wrong. (Y)
ohhhh so you want it without retina display. That will lower the price a bit. you're right about the additional pricing for adding new things. it sucks, but some of the default stuff isn't enough. : (
Like, let's say you decide to get a 13" Macbook Pro. Standard is 4GB of memory and 500GB hard drive. I'd suggest upping that to 8GB of memory and 256GB hard drive due to the fact you wouldn't be able to do much with the basic settings. Yeah it's like 450$ extra, but it's better than finding yourself without space in the future (unless you plan on buying an external hard drive).
++ true true! the first thing I asked when I got my Mac is what antivirus software to get and they were like "none, but you can get _______ or _______ if you want to."

@Diffendoofer wrote:

Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:24 am
As someone that's owned HPs the majority of their life, I would honestly say that, HPs are actually a good brand IF you get windows 7. Windows 8 is shit on HPs - don't get me wrong, it runs OKAY, but it's really laggy-, but windows 7 is hella gr8 mate. I personally own the HP Pavilion dv7, and I adore it so much. It's my electronic baby; it's easy to work with fairly good, if not great, specs as seen here. I can run Sims easily, as well as any other game; the only one I have issues with is Minecraft, and I have it for 360, so it's not that big of a deal. LoL, WoW, and other MMOs, work fine, so gaming is roughly a B++; would be an A, but there IS the occasional lag, depending on what programs you have open.
Not to mention, this computer can easily be used to multi-task, and, even though my windows 8 HP is slower (All-In-One HP Pavilion 23), it multi-tasks a lot more compared to a brand new Lenovo I was lent a few weeks back. Sai runs perfectly fine on both, as does PS, Gimp, and most other editing software, with little to no lag (again, depending on what you're running besides the editing software). I always bash on HPs tho, because their hard-drives tend to go out easily, but, that takes at least a year or so.
Ever since I got my modem changed, my HPs have been 100x better than before because there was something wrong w/ my old modem? But either way, HPs are fucking great and I would 10/10 recommend for the Windows 7 versions.
Also, I've owned Acers, Dells, and Lenovo, and none of them can even remotely compare to my (love for) HPs.

EDIT: also, I'm gonna throw in the fact that I have another HP that's about ten years old, and it still works like new. It's got Windows 7 Home, and only had two hard-drive changes the entirety of its lifespan. Would still use it, but the USB ports went out, however, that's only a minor thing. I mean, it's ten, so that's to be expected from moving it several times/transporting it to different places.
Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:29 am
@kia - yeah i have to calculate all the price together but yeah like the whole adding up to mac thing is the annoying thing cause why cant they just include it all LOLOL CAUSE YOU KNOW THIS IS HOW THEY GET MORE MONEYYY
i didnt tell my dad about the mac option cause i feel so bad since he has to pay a lot for my summer school idek what to do right now im so tired of borrowing my roommate's laptop i feel bad about it too uGH

i'll probably go to bestbuy again tomorrow and pray they have at least a more solid answer for me instead of a vague "i suggest this brand or this brand" like ok thanks for the brand but i need to know specificssss

+ fora - yeah hps arent bad my old laptop was hp but literally everyone i know told me its shitty
my hp laptop lasted me a LONG time LOL but i also feel like maybe the older hps are the better ones and the newer generations are the shitty ones? idk cause when i first bought my hp like 4 years ago it was the hype

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