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Fri 29 May - 2:54
Hello people of GASR. I feel extremely stupid because before I knew how to convert credits to money and vice versa, but I completely forgot how. Please help me(I know that 1k=$0.40). I use a calculator to do this, so like do you divide o.4 by the number of credits to get the money value or divide by 0.4(ex: 4*0.4= $1.60 OR 4/0.4=$10.00)? Same on how to convert money to credits? Thank you for anyone that helps.
Not sure if want
Fri 29 May - 3:37
first example equation you had is correct [ 4*.4=$1.60 ]

"do you divide o.4 by the number of credits to get the money value or divide by 0.4"
neither of these are correct

basically what I'm gonna tell you is to

  1. take off the thousands in your credits before you convert from credits to USD,
  2. and then multiply by .4,
  3. so basically if you've got 12,000 credits, make it 12*.4 and you'll get $4.80, same applies to if you've got 287,000 credits, make it 287*.4 and you'll get $114.80.

as for $ to credits I can't help you there.
but I feel like if there's anyone who would be able to help you it'd probably be @Seriously
Fri 29 May - 5:28
/rolls in

Everything Krist said is awesome and the simplest way to convert from credits to cash.  

Just drop the 0's and multiply it by .4 and you get your numbers. Here is a small list for example.

Conversions: ($USD)

Credits > Cash
1k = 0.40
5k = 2.00
10k = 4.00
25k = 10.00
50k = 20.00
100k = 40.00

Because resellers are no longer a thing, the only way to buy credits without breaking the imvu TOS (and possibly receiving disciplinary action up to and including having your account permanently disabled) is to buy credits from them directly.  There is no way around it, the price is a solid $1 per 1k credits.  

There shouldn't be a need to convert cash to credits any other way unless you were risking getting them from other users, in which the conversion would be the same, only switched.

Cash > Credits ($USD)
0.40 = 1k
2.00 = 5k
4.00 = 10k
10.00 = 25k
20.00 = 50k

Like I said, the only legitimate way to buy/receive credits through a cash transaction is straight through IMVU.  Any risk you take breaking their TOS in order to obtain credits at a cheaper rate is on you, and if you are scammed out of money/credits, no one can do anything for you.  

Taken from their TOS:

"IMVU may allow for free exchange of some, all, or none of its Credits via third parties, but IMVU does not assume any responsibility associated with your transactions with such third parties. IMVU is the sole owner of Credits, and as such, retains all intellectual property rights affiliated with ownership. You acknowledge that at no time do you own, nor have any right to, the intellectual property affiliated with Credits. You are hereby prohibited from reselling or distributing Credits without the expressed written consent of IMVU."

Hopefully that helped.  
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