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Broken Profile Tables
April 12, 2017 #forum

Mar came across an issue where some of the member profile tables were broken. Click here to see if it effected you and how to fix it.

GASR Easter Egg Hunt
April 2, 2017 #event

Our annual Easter egg hunt is live again! Solve the clues and hunt for all of the eggs for a chance to win prizes. Click here to join.

GASR Magazine Application
Mar 28, 2017 #announcement

Due to the changes of the mod staff, the first issue was pushed back and will be release in the Summer as the first edition. We are now looking for more members to fill in the empty positions and help us bring this magazine to life. click here for further information.

Mar 18, 2017 #announcement

Recently Mar and Queen have been deleting accounts that have been inactive (0 Posts) for a long time in order to lower the size of the forum and price for the Ad free. If you are an active member of the forum and received an email saying your account has been deleted, click here for further information.

New Moderators + Reassignment
Mar 13, 2017 #update

Our new mods have been announced! Congratulations to Fervent and Softe on becoming Event Coordinators, and to Queen on becoming our new Technician! Also, congratulations to Cern on becoming a Global Moderator! Click here for more information.

Artist of the Moment


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Hello everyone, I'm Soraia, I'm 22 years old and I'm working on a coffee shop. I really like to do some art and to be in GASR, but I think I still didn't find my style yet, hope you guys can help me with that! I actually started doing some art at 19 years, and I hope I can continue with that!

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20.05.15 5:57
As you may have noticed we have taken down our forum portal. We have decided instead to more conveniently compressing everything you would ever need on our forum homepage! Thanks to Turtletrainer and Bedlam for their tireless effort in coding / designing it.


We've moved artist of the moment to the homepage as well.
When you click "read my bio" a popup will appear with more specific details about you~


We also have a widget which tells you which staff are currently online.
Some of the staff are hidden though (by their choice) so you can only see those who have opted to be visible!


Another section (which was a b*tch to code) is the staff status updates!
This is so moderators can let you know when they are busy and stuff so you don't have to wonder who you should PM (or in this case shouldn't).

And from time to time they may just update with useful stuff for you guys (depending on the mod of course).

We now have advertising on our homepage instead of our portal with a smaller size~
Hopefully some of you will take advantage of that!

If you find any bugs, let us know and we'll try and fix them as soon as possible!

We have many more great updates coming soon.
Turtletrainer and Bedlam have much planned.

Do not PM this account with any forum issues. Please PM a moderator instead. Thanks!
20.05.15 13:22
I like it.

only one question for the advertising, will you be updating that? since there is a small spot on the side bar now?
20.05.15 13:39
This looks great! I love it. Thank you guys for all your hard work into making GASR such and awesome home for us! ♥♥♥
20.05.15 14:48
Innoxia wrote:
I like it.

only one question for the advertising, will you be updating that? since there is a small spot on the side bar now?

Yes we will be updating the advertising page~
pretty much the price will remain the same but it will be a different size (obviously).
20.05.15 14:52
OK Thankyou @Bedlam :)
20.05.15 15:19
I don't know ;u;
the frontpage now looks a bit too busy for me???

I like the idea but it makes a bit cramped ;u;''
This is just a suggestion tho
(srry for ugly font)

Maybe like this? (same as if you click the "welcome username")
bcs it will look less cramped and such
It can be showed left or right, im not sure yet about that
maybe to the right bcs some do have small screens or like dont have the browser maximized all the time

i think the adv. on the side isnt that necessarily? since there is one at the bottom

the Artist of the moment can be just like this tho
@Administrator wrote:

Just my opinion lol! its not rlly that it HAVE to be like that
since you guys are already doing a good job ayyy
i do know the coding will be a ass to keep everything up to date lol

thanks if you read!
Dont hate me badlamppp & jenn


"Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things.
It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot"

Pixel by Katie
20.05.15 15:34
We had actually thought about that however, the scripts for the widgets on the homepage are a bit funky and wouldn't actually let us do that w/ javascript.
Plus I want things to be visible rather than letting you have it closed because then nobody would have them open tbh and wouldn't see the important shiz.

(specially conflicting with the staff status updates because I did very basic jquery to make it that would require me to learn more advanced jquery to be able to hide it as I already tested which didn't work out at all I would have to edit the widget itself first w)

I would say yes if this was on all pages, but it's only on the homepage.

The homepage actually doesn't look "cramped" at all tho LOL.
Like I've been seeing it for weeks now
And at first you're liek WAT but it actually makes a lot of sense.
It just takes some getting used to.

And yes the add is necessary since we got rid of the portal so it's the cheaper alternative.
(and have given people prizes for portal add space that we can't just revoke).
20.05.15 15:47
ooooo i undesrtand then
coding this site can be a pain Not sure if want
lol i thouhgh if there was a important update/announcement, there shall be like a lil (1) bubble on the tab like if you get pm's xd
but i guess that wont be possible for now with those funky widgets javascript

gotta get used to the whole layout again i guess :p

ooo good point oops
i totally forgot that it was also used as prize lol


"Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things.
It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot"

Pixel by Katie
20.05.15 16:12
It woulda been much easier if widgets didn't have strange restrictions on them

But also I think this option is better because I know some people would never ever open them if they had the ability to close them as well.
20.05.15 18:07
I give it my stamp of approval! 

~If you need assistance, feel free to PM me about any of the following~
○Locking/deleting your shop
○Relocating your thread to the correct subforum
○Cleaning up your shop and removing spam or inappropriate comments
○Deleting the poll from your shop
○Retrieving your shop after it has been accidentally deleted
○Reporting a shop that contains images that are NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or not PSE-friendly
○Reporting a shop that offers a service that is not allowed on GASR
○Questions regarding GASR forum rules
21.05.15 6:04
I think it looks much much much much much better!! Loving how everything is in one page. Less of a hassle to navigate around the site.
 great job!
21.05.15 9:46
I feel like the staff updates aren't really necessary, I think most staff members just put their availability in their signature (i.e i'm away on vacation wont be back until xxx).

I think that the whole idea around staff updates isn't needed / required, Just seems more like people wanting to voice their personal stuff and everyone else having to watch? I mean I think that it just doesn't have as great of a use as there claims to be.

Just seems like they want members to pay attention to them, And its kindof wasting space in the forum aswell as making things look crowded on the main page as Mattie was saying.

Is there any way to match these two fonts up?

It seems like they're a title but because they dont match it makes the front page look a little off in my opinion.
And it might even help to put a title over the latest threads / updated threads widget to sortof balance / center it out.
21.05.15 10:17
Regarding staff updates...

From my experience some people don't even know who some of the staff members are and I doubt they are reading those said signatures or the contact page or whatever else. I think this does serve a great purpose of knowing who the staff members are and how available they are. Especially since we are soon opening our gates to new user groups.

Now voicing the personal stuff and having to watch? Would it be easier if you could go comment on it? Which is unnecessary. Also the same stuff is happening in the feelings and pet peeves threads. Like oceans of personal stuff put out there in a very public space for thousands of people to see and read. Way more personal than a staff member telling about their busy schedule. Just an observation.

Finally, it sounds like we're attention seekers and a waste of space from that last statement. You probably didn't mean it that way, but the wording is rather simple. hee

PM for Moosey Assistance.
21.05.15 12:30
I honestly don't think people would check statuses either, And wasn't the status idea for updates on availability and not just whatever?

I just feel like instead of posting statuses on the front page (which i still think is unnecessary) You could maybe put it on the staff/contact and save up that homepage space for something more useful.

Sorry if i ever came off rude, This is just my opinion ;-;
21.05.15 13:05
Dearest wrote:
I honestly don't think people would check statuses either

I received this message a few hours after posting in the Staff Updates section. No one checks that thing, right? This thing may be "useless" and "unnecessary" to you, but that does not mean that the rest of the GASR population agrees with you. If we were to move Staff Updates to the Staff/Contact page, 1) rarely anyone accesses those pages so this widget would be neglected for real and 2) our moderators would not be able to edit their statuses because those pages are off limits to everyone except for those who have administrative abilities. What good would that do?
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