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Wed 8 Apr 2015 - 22:33
If GASR can survive a credit cap, GASR can survive this change.
I'm hoping that it doesn't happen however, if it does we will be taking input on how we want to continue our website and if we are going to cut off more ties with IMVU to become independent from them.

Please be patient and keep those good ideas safe until we are sure this change is happening and then we will figure out how to proceed from there.

Thank you guys!!

We have a great community.

- Bedlam



I have received PMs about selling credits amongst users.
(aka if people want to privately buy credits from artists at a reduced rate).

GASRforum cannot endorse selling credits between people for $$ (even if you do it through a sticker).

This is considered against IMVU's TOS and even if resellers were still around it would be considered "illegal".

If we're known as the place where people can get rid of credits for less money, no doubt IMVU will be notified.
It probably won't like people skirting their system and could potentially contact forumotion to get our forum shut down.

And we do not want to lose everything we have for that.

If you guys do this privately, then you risk action being taken against you by IMVU and that is to be done at your own discretion but any posts about it on the forums will receive a friendly reminder.


Unfortunately, due to these changes the GASRforum will probably not be able to sell off its current credits.
We will have to use them for prizes in the future.
We had 410,000 credits in our account.

Which would have easily paid for another year of add free.
However, when Bedlam sells credits she sells to IMVUce who is currently not buying.
I then tried to sell them to FMX since they are literally the only place buying however they responded to my ticket with this message:

Melvin from First Meta Exchange wrote:

Due to the sudden announcement and decision by IMVU, I regret to inform you that we are unable to open up withdrawal limits for new users, due to the lack of ready buyers of credits on the other side of the credit trade (the other selling creators have dumped their credits and emptied out the order list).

IMVU has given all resellers a very short timeline to stop reselling. They only informed all resellers on April 7th, and then one day after they released the announcement to everyone else.

After April 14th, all resellers can no longer buy in credits from avatars, including content creators.

After May 13th, all resellers will not be allowed to allow users to purchase and deliver credit to their avatars (the buying side).

Due to the very short timeframe from IMVU, all of us resellers are currently in a mad rush to negotiate with IMVU, and to roll out measures to comply with the ruling, if all talks fail.

///////////////////// Reseller hat off ////////////////////////////

Even though IMVU is offering USD 40/100k credits, or similar, they reserved the right to change the price in the future. If they can cut all of us resellers and GASR artists out at such short notice, like these new turn of events, there is no saying when IMVU can lowball the content creators with lower prices in the future.

Moreover, GASR artists can no longer earn using their own program since only content creators can convert their sales directly to cash with IMVU.

So I personally have this idea (I would prefer to detach this from FMX to prevent any repercussions from IMVU regarding this), but I really need your help to spread the word out, since you are more well connected to the rest of the GASR community:

1) IMVU currently declares 16 million items in the catalogue. If we protest this by convincing creators to delist their products temporarily, we can vote with our money, since no content == no demand to buy credits directly from IMVU.

2) We can cut off IMVU's current and future creative base by allowing creators and GASR artists, and give them a stake in a IMVU competing wrold/game to be crowdfunded or crowdsourced. IMVU is nothing without these talented group of people, and we can improve on what IMVU lacks with this new start.

3) This new proposed competitor to IMVU will need to have a means of sharing equity with these artists/content creators, so that it is fairer for the ones that provide the content and ecosystem to draw in the normal users.

4) I do not know which other resellers might want to work together on this, but here's what I think: All content creators have, at one point or another, interacted or sold credits through a reseller before. It is not fair for IMVU to cut them out at such short notice, so we need to convince IMVU to retract this with a competing world.

Is there anyway you can help spread this idea out? IMVU's plan is selling at USD 1/1k credits, and buying back at USD 0.40/1k credits. This is a 60% cut that they are getting. Right now all resellers are only in the range of 10%-25%, so its high time we lead the revolution and give back to the artists and content creators their fair share.

click for the screenshot:

Therefore, if you haven't already had an account with FMX they will not buy credits from you.
Also he passed on some good information I want to share with you guys.

It's necessary to pass on this information as it will effect artists and how we go about business:

Varsha wrote:
Due to several business reasons, we have concluded that we need to sunset the current reseller program where authorized resellers bought Credits from IMVU Creators in exchange for money and sold those Credits to other IMVU customers.

As IMVU Creators, starting today, you can start earning money (cash) directly from IMVU for any products you sell. You will be able to earn money for your virtual product sales at a consistent rate, from a single, reliable entity i.e us, and with full support of a dedicated team of representatives to assist you with the process. Of course you can always choose to earn IMVU Credits for your sales and use them to enjoy your IMVU experience.

As IMVU customers, you can continue to purchase any Credits you need directly from us again knowing there is one source to buy Credits from - IMVU. IMVU’s Credit store is available 24/7, offers a variety of payment methods in all countries, and has our billing help team available to lend assistance if needed.

- From

Basically from my understanding -

1. IMVU will be the sole place that can sell credits going forward - their prices will not change.
So credits can only be bought from IMVU for $1 for 1k

2. Developers can sell credits back to IMVU for the price of $0.4 for 1k.
However you must go through a process in order to get credits from sales.

Varsha wrote:
Step 1: Sign the new Creator Agreement and Creator Policy
Step 2: Set your catalog to start earning money
Step 3: Verify your account by providing your full name, physical address, PayPal ID and tax identity information
Step 4: Your information and your catalog are reviewed and you are notified when account verification is complete
Step 5: Watch your available balance to reach the minimum - $50
Step 6: Request a payout to your PayPal account (as long as your account is verified)


Varsha wrote:
--April 8 through April 14: Creators can continue to sell their Credits to resellers

--April 8 through May 13: Resellers can continue to sell Credits to IMVU customers

There is a two week period to sell you credits before IMVU begins this transition.  
If you are an artist here, you need to sell your credits A.S.A.P.

(unless you plan to use them for IMVU)

GASR will hopefully still be able to function but I guess those artists who accepted credits as a form of payment (because they could sell them) will have to switch to paypal exclusively going forward.

Our forum will probably not accept credits as donations (we can technically use them for prizes however, we can no longer sell them in order to continue to make our forum add free).

So we will be selling what credits we do have so that we can be add free till December 2016 (this gives us plenty of time to properly deal with the situation at hand).

Yeah we acted too late and now we probably won't be able to sell the current credits.

If you have any news to add / clarify please comment here.

- GASR Staff

Do not PM this account with any forum issues. Please PM a moderator instead. Thanks!
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:14
@Maddrox wrote:
It's sickening to see how money-hungry IMVU is. I hope all of this can be turned around, I find it illogical and completely unfair of them.

@KnightsSorrow wrote:
Imvu really is not thinking about the community at all. They are just thinking about themselves. It needs to stop.
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:19
Lol why do I get the feeling some people will turn into private resellers? just saying...

Also, didn't see if anyone posted this profile yet but

They have the psd for the strike dps btw.
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:26
its funny they locked the imvu discussion thread because of all the back lash
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:27
@Rosiecakes wrote:
Lol why do I get the feeling some people will turn into private resellers? just saying...

Also, didn't see if anyone posted this profile yet but

They have the psd for the strike dps btw.

That background hurts my eyes LOL.

+ omfg they would lock the thread



Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:27
Lol omfg not surprising. Really obvious the imvu community didn't take part in this decision, good job imvu!
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:34
the petition is nice n' all but I don't think 500 signatures is going to do much to sway imvu's plans lol
on the other hand, the whole hide catalog/products thing seems interesting
I want to see how imvu reacts to that or if it'll even work bc lets be honest, people can capitalize on the fact that big devs are hiding products
less competition, more $$ for the short term
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:40
I have received PMs about selling credits amongst users.
(aka if people want to privately buy credits from artists at a reduced rate)

First of all we would have to regulate this to ensure that neither artists nor buyers would be getting screwed over.

Which is something I do not mind doing.
We would probably create a subforum along with getting more moderators to ensure that everything is happening okay.


I am not entirely sure how IMVU plans to stop credit reselling??

Like they may choose to freeze accounts that are selling credits "on the black market" or simply make it so you cannot send credits ANYMORE from accounts.

They haven't made it clear in their post how they plan to phase out credit resellers.

So until then we will try and find ways to accommodate GASR users.

But we'll have to sit tight and see how this plays out.

- Bedlam

Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:45
How many 13-17 year-olds who can't get through paypal easily are able to give up their fucking tax information to PayPal?
"Hey, mom and/or dad and/or guardian, we all need to sit down and have a chit-chat about finances so that I can give them up to the place where I pass virtual currency through from my art I make on the internet."

I mean, how many of the users on this site are under the age of 18? (I'm just speaking for the US, I don't know about legal ages anywhere else.)

How many users just use IMVU? What are their ages? They're not really appealing to their main market, are they...
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:48
I makes me happy to see what you said Bedlam. For me, this is my only income right now. And I sure as hell hope there is a way we can still make all of this happen. I think it is so silly. I hope we can make it still work!
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:48

this is great news
might get more people on gasr too aaa
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:49
Yessss I'm all for what Bedlam said.
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:49

guys they made a badge for the strike on IMVU

Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:53
Innoxia wrote:
its funny they locked the imvu discussion thread because of all the back lash

riteee, was about to comment but guess not

edit; they unlockd?
Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 1:56
Yeah see like unfortunately this change really pushes out younger users who don't have a credit card or a paypal.

Like I'm really super happy we've distanced ourselves from IMVU because I mean user base will drop but at least people can still pay people with paypal.

Like I started on GASR when I was 15 and I didn't have a paypal
But then again I only used credits for buying other art or on the catalog.

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