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Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:28 am
Gasr Authentic Artist Badge

You must be a member of the forum for at least three months before applying. Thank you!

For proving yourself as a authentic and trustworthy artist,
you will be granted this badge that appears under your display picture on the forums.
As well as a matching badge on IMVU.

If you are interested in receiving this badge, please read on as we have instructions on how to get it!
Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:28 am
Why we Created the Badge

The Authentic GASR Artist badge was created because one day the staff of IMVU decided that they didn't really care whether people sell stolen art in the GASR (Graphic Art Services and Request) forums and it's not their responsibility to stop anyone who is selling artwork that doesn't belong to them. Even if you yourself try to point out someone who is stealing art it's now considered a form of "baiting". Since basically IMVU has given the OK for thieves to continue to steal art and profit from it without consequences, we the regular GASR posters wanted to find a way to help the buyers know who is an authentic artist and who is not.

Thus we got the idea to create a badge given only to those who can prove that first off they are authentic and they give their customers good service. Our goal is to help buyers know exactly who is a trust worthy artist to buy from.

Please know that this badge isn't a perfect fix to the rise of theft but an attempt to do something about this current rise of theft going on in GASR.

However, now that GASR is no longer apart of IMVU, we can actually do something about art theft!
This is why breaking away from imvu was in everyone's interest.

Even so, we have decided to keep the badge on our forums as well~
We still wish to honour artists who are authentic and provide good service!
Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:29 am
Warning to All

Because there is no perfect way to tell if someone is truly an authentic artist please note that at times people who are not truly authentic may be able to get past the system and manage to get this badge. You cannot apply until three months after a bar has been given back to you so we know that you've had time to improve yourself. However, please know that the very second we receive proof that someone is not truly honest / authentic we will revoke their badge immediately.  This means that if you get a warning for theft, your badge will be revoked on here AND on IMVU.

Please also consider that because it's going to take us a long time to review all these applications there will be people who are working out of honesty and hard-work but have not yet received the badge.

Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:29 am
How to Fill out the Application


Also please note that this application is not meant to be filled out in like 5 minutes so don't rush yourself.
Take your time and fill out everything carefully. It will make our job of reviewing it much more easier.

Your Username
First thing needed on your application is your IMVU username.

Make sure you ask for the badge on your main account only! Don't even try and pretend to be another artist posting from an "alt" account because we'll reject your application immediately.

We also WILL NOT grant the badge to your alternative accounts even if you prove to own them.
Next we're going to need a few examples of your most recent work. If you really have to, you can watermark your art.

NOTE: You must post an example of every sort of artwork that you do! The different sorts of artwork include: avatar enhancements, drawings, pixel dolls, vectors, banners, icons, and badges. If you do more than one of these areas, then you must include an example of each! This goes for WIPs as well.

If you pixel and edit DPs, then you must show WIPs of both pixels and DPs.
Number of Forum Posts and Join Date
In your application you must also include the number of forum posts you have on the GASR forums and the date you registered.

To get this badge, you must have at a minimum 100 forum posts and been a member for at least 3 months.
We want to ensure that only active members of GASR have this badge.

You can find your join date and your number of posts on your forum profile near the bottom.
Please, provide us with a screenshot in your application.

[ Click for an example ]
How long you've been on Imvu
You must also include how long you have been a member of IMVU.

To find out how long you have been a member on imvu, click on the community tab at the top (on Then click on your avatar image. In a new window your avatar "card" will pop up and it will say how long you have been a member on IMVU.
Please, provide us with a screenshot in your application.

[ Click for an example ].
Proof of Authenticity
We will accept one of the two following options to prove to us that you're an authentic artist.

Option 1: "WIPS" of the creation of three artworks.
Your first option to prove you are authentic is to include 7-10 work in progress shots (WIPS) of 3 seperate images being created from start to finish.

You must also include any references used or preliminary sketches.

[ Click for an example ].

Just to be 100% clear, we are asking for WIPs of the entire process of 3 different artworks. Thus you must save your progress 7-10 times for EACH picture. In total, you should have around 27-30 images. Good WIPS must show the progression of the image and not simply cut parts into layers.

If you need help, we have a guide on WIPs located here (click).

Note: We do realize that WIP's can, unfortunately, be faked. We reserve the right to ask for further proof of your work such as a video process or a screenshot of the .psd file if we feel as though your WIP's are faked.

Option 2: Videos from start to finish of your art for three separate pictures.

We need the entire process of 3 different artworks from start to finish.
You can then upload your videos to a streaming site such as youtube / photobucket or save the videos from a livestream broadcast.

In order for the video to be valid, we must be able to see your entire screen and it must never cut out parts of the edit.

You must also write on your livestream / youtube account your IMVU name.

If you choose to go the livestream route, you must have your broadcasts in your video library on your livestream homepage. We're not going to wait until you go online to watch your broadcasts and make sure you're authentic.

To save your broadcast in your library, make sure you have Video on Demand turned on. To do this just access the livestream studio and click on the tab "Video on Demand" and then turn it on.

[ click for an example ]
Three Positive Reviews
You will need to include three possitive reviews written by different customers. These people must have ordered art from you in the past / present.

If nobody has given you feedback on your work before then you're going to have to ask someone specifically to leave a review. Also please have them mention what it is they made for you.

It is important when you ask someone to leave you a review that they comment about your service and not about the quality of your art [ did you deliver things on time / were you polite / would they order again / etc ]

In your application, you can either...

- Screenshot the post / message of the person's review.

- Link us to the page in your shop where the review was left
Include in your message the username of the person who left the review.

-  Have the person send their review to our PM AuthenticGasrArtists.
The title of the PM should be "Review for _____".

Link to one of your shops
You must also include a url link to a shop you are currently apart (premades / customs / free) of or a link to one you were apart of in the past. We just want to look through and see what kind of business you do!

If you've never had a shop on the GASRforums and only do art through private orders, unfortunately you will not be eligible to get the badge as we cannot judge what kind of business you do.
Deviantart Account
If you have a deviantart account you must provide us a link of it in your application. This is only required IF you have one. If you don't have one, we are not forcing you to make an account there for your application. This is simply to ensure if we see your art being posted on deviantart, we know that it's your account that's posting it.

However you must mention somewhere on your deviantart account that it is in fact your account. The best way to do so is to write in your journal "This is (insert username)'s deviantart account from imvu".
Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:30 am
The Application

We are NOT accepting applications at this time.

We process them as quickly as possible, but please be patient as we review applications as volunteers.

Now you've read all the requirements you're ready to send your application to us!

So copy and paste the text in the code box into a private message to "AuthenticGasrArtists" [ click for the link ] and then carefully fill out the form and you're done!
Then all you have to do is wait for us to review your application.

As in [url(insert the link of your image)]example 1 [/url]

Another thing that helps make your application easier to review if you make the WIP into one image instead of posting a link to all the step separately. If you want us to review things quicker, this well help greatly!


The Gasr Authentic Artists Application Form

[color=red]I believe that I, (insert username) am an authentic artist. I do not copy, trace, heavy reference, or steal art. I treat my customers with respect in efforts to make GASR a better place. I understand that should I go against what I have stated above, I could have my badge revoked at anytime without warning.

1. Username:
2. A couple examples of my most recent work:
3. My number of forum posts and join date:
4. How long I have been a member of IMVU:
5. WIPS or a link to my livestream as proof of my authenticity:
6. Three positive reviews from three of my customers:
7. A link to a shop you are currently apart of or one you have been apart of in the past:
8. A link to my deviantart account if I have one:[/color]
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