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Xmas Charity Volunteers
Nov 28, 2016 #event

It's almost time for our annual GASR Xmas Charity Event, and we are in need of volunteers who would be willing to make artwork for GASR's donors. If you are interested, please click here to sign up. The deadline to become a volunteer is Dec 10.

GASR Secret Santa
Nov 14, 2016 #event

It's time for GASR's annual holiday event: the Secret Santa gift exchange! Get your hot cocoa to marshmallow ratio perfect and your mistletoe hung up because it's time to get those art gifts wrapped and under the tree for a happy holiday surprise. Click here to join the fun, and make sure to sign up before the 25th of November!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt
Oct 29, 2016 #event

It's about to get spooky with the Halloween scavenger hunt! Put on your masks, makeup, and your witch hats because everyone can join! Young, old, artist, non-artist, passer-by, moose, potatoes, or any living or my favorite… non-living may join. Click here to join the fun. This event lasts from Oct 31st - Nov 14th. Check out the cool prizes!

Breast Cancer Awareness
Oct 17, 2016 #event

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The event mods have created an event for everyone to show support to those who have been affected by breast cancer. Click here to join.

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Tue 28 Aug - 14:42
its oke i guess,kinda lag. chatbox looks weird, and too smushy for me. like the post count so now i don't have to dig into the member list to look at mine. the tagline is eh, idk. the latest topic is weird for me i guess. dont think it will be much use for me.
Tue 28 Aug - 14:49
i flipped in the first place Not sure if want

but after reading things and looking further a bit
i got used to it really quick hee


"Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things.
It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot"

Pixel by Katie
Tue 28 Aug - 15:04
I thought I entered the wrong forum at first,lol,but i got used to it immediately.
Quite useful cause sometimes I'm too lazy to check the announcement thread myself,so it's a good reminder 8DD
Tue 28 Aug - 15:08
I like it, it can come handy in a lot of ways, especially for posting news so that everyone could actually see them and also for advertisement. I also like the poll thing, it would be a great way to ask everyone opinion.
Tue 28 Aug - 15:34
@Hazy wrote:
its oke i guess,kinda lag. chatbox looks weird, and too smushy for me. like the post count so now i don't have to dig into the member list to look at mine. the tagline is eh, idk. the latest topic is weird for me i guess. dont think it will be much use for me.

True the chatbox looks weird, but it's only because it's just a portal page. I do think it should be either be resized or taken out. For the positive side, I use it just to see who's on in the chatbox, then go to the main page.

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○Locking/deleting your shop
○Relocating your thread to the correct subforum
○Cleaning up your shop and removing spam or inappropriate comments
○Deleting the poll from your shop
○Retrieving your shop after it has been accidentally deleted
○Reporting a shop that contains images that are NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or not PSE-friendly
○Reporting a shop that offers a service that is not allowed on GASR
○Questions regarding GASR forum rules
Tue 28 Aug - 18:27
Ok i really really like the portal but i see some issues with it. (only a few :3) So i'll give my two cents on how i think it could be improved

#1 I think the "lastest topics" thing isn't really necessary. It's kind of in the way?

#2 The forum categories should remain on the front page. Maybe put those in the box where lLatest Topics are or smack dab in the middle is better

#3 The online users just kind of sits there doing nothing. Maybe there's a way to incorporate them into the chatbox instead? Having all online users be logged in and able to chat while browsing, and keep the option to log out if they don't want to talk.
I know i would like to be able to type in a smaller chatbox while im browsing the forums and not have to have another tab open. It would be really convenient if you guys can arrange that.

Ithink that is alll. Again i really like the idea of the portal it just needs more refining :3
I hope i was able to help?
Tue 28 Aug - 18:49
I believe there should be an option to enable and disable it I hate it. It's messy and all over the place. I don't want to see it. At all.
Tue 28 Aug - 18:51
Ok my better review:

• The poll is ugly, sorry but it is. Maybe if it was more like the polls on here and not on a white box? That would probably be more appealing.
• I do kinda like the latest topics. It's one of those things that I don't really mind it being there or not.
• I like how you have a full list of the staff, us and all our pastel glory @D@
• I feel the place where our DP is ect. That space should be centered, the alignment is bothering me a bit but once again, not a big thing that would make me hate it.
• It would be a nice place to display featured artists ect. as you said in the main section.\

Overall I do like it. Gives it a nicer feel.

Tue 28 Aug - 19:01
For those who dont like it

Bookmark this instead of

Brings you directly to the forum page. Unless you log in every time
//tested and it works so...

I personally love it eue Gj tino



Son Dongwoon my beautiful angel baby son that blows up cars that I love

Tue 28 Aug - 19:06

How does the portal benefit anyone?
If anything it only benefits the people who create "art".
It doesn't really have anything beneficial to us regular gasrians.
Instead of adding pointless things.
Why not fix the stuff that is already on here?
I believe the portal is just a distraction.
Let's not become IMVU.
With their countless of changes to take away from the bigger picture.

Tue 28 Aug - 19:10
I've been waiting for months for you to put a portal up ;D

I always use this on any forum I admin on the forumotion system... it makes things more organized and clean x
Tue 28 Aug - 19:23
This forum's purpose is to buy and sell art.
Anything else is extra - Chatbox, Art related forum, etc.

This portal can allow artists to advertise their shops, and thus allow customers to discover new shops/artists to purchase from. It also gives users quick access to the most important forum news, as most do not read the announcement threads themselves. It can also give us, staff, the opportunity to pass a message or a poll to see general thoughts from users.

Now that's all dandy, and while the majority like or dont mind it, some users like you rather it gone. I've proposed a simple solution to avoid it, so I dont see how having it there cant change your experience whatsoever if you do not even need to see it.




Son Dongwoon my beautiful angel baby son that blows up cars that I love

Tue 28 Aug - 19:39
@Say wrote:
When I first got on the portal, I went

1. You immediately see important notices (Like the Don't Panic one, coz I almost DID panic)

this. I thought chrome was throwing a hissy fit and the coding was messed up on the page, cause it does that to IMVU sometimes.

But I like it, even though I'm one of the few who actually did visit/read the announcement forum.
Tue 28 Aug - 19:47
I like it c8
Tue 28 Aug - 19:52
And to add to my previous post, I like the way it's set up.

The place with your avatar picture should stay either on the left or right, not centered. It's a waste of space to put something that only needs a tiny bit of room in a big area. I think most of us are used to it being positioned generally on the left side on both here and IMVU, so it's kind of like a "woah" moment when you look at it and it's all the way on the right.

I don't think the chatbox needs to be on there, since it's on the homepage. I don't think people will stay on or keep going back to the portal page just to use the chatbox. That's my opinion tho.

The "Statistics" seems useless, since 99.79% of the users probably don't really care who just signed up or how many members we have. sketch

The "Forum Staff" section would look better under the poll box if you leave the avatar picture on the right. I don't know, for some odd reason, putting it on the same side of it makes it look.. off? I'm guessing it's because that and the avi pic are the only things on there with actual color, so it's not balanced. IDK. The poll box looks fine because the shade of white inside of it matches the shade of white around the other boxes.

I see the post counts are located under our avatar pictures. I think it's an easier way to view them if you really do think you're cool cause you waste your time getting a lot of posts on here, I'm just gonna assume only you (the owner of the account being viewed on) are the only one who can see it, or we'll end up with another spam post count competition, like Sonya stated.

LAST, BUT MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, there needs to be a box at the very top dedicated to how awesome I am. Nothing fancy, just a few kind words and "CHELLY IS AWESOME" in bold blue print at the top, I'll be satisfied. eue

Today at 20:19
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