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New Moderators Needed
Feb 19, 2017 #moderators

We are in need of new moderators! Applications are open for a Contest Mod and Technician. Click here for more information. The deadline to send applications is March 4.

GASR Mascot Contest
Jan 8, 2017 #event

As a community we’ve come to realize that GASRForum does not have an official mascot! If you have an idea for our mascot, please help us out! The deadline to submit a mascot is January 29.

New Years Event
Jan 5, 2017 #event

We are looking into making some collages that feature artwork, pixels, and screenshots from 2016. These collages will be featured on GASR's social media. If you are interested in submitting your favorite works from 2016, please click here. The deadline to submit art is January 15, 2017.

Xmas Charity - Begin Donations
Dec 11, 2016 #event

It's the season of giving and what could be better than giving to those who are most in need? In order to help others celebrate the holidays we'd like for all of GASR to come together and help donate money to those who are less fortunate and to help put a smile on a child's face this year! Click here to donate. The deadline to donate is December 20.

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Hi, I'm Kori. I joined GASR in 2014 and have grown to love the community and people here. I'm a self taught hobby artist but I've liked to draw and paint ever since I can remember. I didn't get into using a tablet till a few years ago- and I love it. My family has always been a really big supporter in whatever I do, so I hope to continue and make it a more serious thing. I believe there's always room for me to improve so that's what I plan to do.

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Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:38 pm
Hello GASR forum users!
We moderators have some news and other issues people have been bringing up that we'd like to discuss.
So get ready for a really long wall o' text.

Business Order #1

I bet you guys are wondering why Katelyn's name is in purple. Well Katelyn is stepping down as the head honcho for the time being (most likely forever).

I don't think you guys realize how much pressure you put on her (though you know I complain about it every few minutes).
This forum has really taken a toll on her virtual life and even personal life and that's just not right.
Some members have even been sending her harassing messages and getting to the point where it's almost stalkerish... I seriously LOVE PEOPLE.  

So from now on there's two main administrators:
Bedlam (myself) and

Never send any complaints about the forum to Katelyn from this point foward, send them to me or Alexia and feel our wrath.


I'm panty and she's stocking.

I'd also like to mention, this topic is not to talk about Katelyn's administrative choices (even though most things weren't exclusively chosen by her but more of a collective choice by all moderators), it is to merely inform you that she is stepping down.

She will be apart of the more technical side of this forum (adding cool and fun things to the forum itself) and behind the scenes. That's where she feels most comfortable right now.

Honestly me and Alexia won't be taking any bs like Katelyn did... We're not as nice.
G o o d l u c k .   hee 

Business Order #2

We are perfectly aware that a lot of our members are saying that our moderator group is "clicky". I mean heavens forbid we actually all get along.

I would like to remind you that first off this forum was never created to be a direct substitute for the GASR forums it was supposed to be a small get away from IMVU stupidy and a place where we can do something about art theft.
When this forum was still in its baby steps (WAY before the closure of IMVU) Katelyn picked a handful of people who she knew were a big part of the GASR community just as a starting point for the moderator group.

Honestly, the reasoning behind this was it's much better to have some people in the moderation group who you trust rather than a bunch of strangers. I mean, is that really that unreasonable?

I don't know if you actually realize but she got some REAL IMVU MODERATORS on our team.

When IMVU exploded and everyone rushed here we had to pick some new moderators (clearly because this forum is HUGE).

Honestly, most of the new moderators I've never meet.

A lot of people are still butthurt that they didn't get picked but the people who were chosen actually put some time in their answers and answered things honestly and sincerely. If you took the moderator application as a joke what do you expect us to do think like "OH DATS THE PERFECT PERSON FOR OUR TEAM!"
Not sure if want

All it took was some honest thought and effort.
This is the final time I'm bringing this up.

The fact that we are able to get along actually helps in our discussion and decisions.
Most people don't understand how many hours we devote in a day discussing issues brought up by all you folks.
I don't see why people are freaking out that we're all comfortable with each other.

If you have an example when we were "buddy buddy" and someone got screwed over please let us know.

Business Order #3

That brings us to our third order of business, if you hate here so much then...
- Say what you gotta say TO MY FACE LIKE A MAN
- Go into the Suggestion forum and make a suggestion of how to make things better (BEST OPTION)
- Leave this forum.

The choice is yours.

I don't want to hear you gossiping about the moderators (ON OUR FORUMS EVEN).
At least take that stuff offsite at a minimum.

Honestly, all the moderators are doing the best we can and we're all still learning and trying to make this a fun place for everyone. We're human okay we all make mistakes.

If you absolutely hate all the moderators, hate how we deal with things then leave feel free to leave and make a better forum.
If it's just so easy.
Some of you are so ungrateful, I mean really.


You think the IMVU forums were better?
Not really because the staff members (WHO WEREN'T EVEN APART OF THE GASR COMMUNITY) made the choices and they didn't ask for anyone's input.

Like really guys
Do you gotta cut so low to say that

The chat box is a privilege and not a right. If it turns into "official ***** place about this forum and moderators" then it shall be removed and I'll make you guys a topic where you can say it in full view of everyone.  

Business Order #4

The same goes about art theft if you hate how we deal with it then make your own forum.

We will never ban someone unless there is clear indisputable evidence of their theft.
No, that information will not be given public because it's between the person who is suspected to be stealing and the moderation team and quite frankly we'd rather keep these matters private. The only time when we will release the information and proof is if the person who was accused of theft making the matter public themselves and is going on about how they were "framed" and or treated unfairly. I do have a theft blog (which will not be linked from this forum) but you guys can look there if you desire.

We do believe in second chances, that's why the first warning is only a two week ban and that's why we're not sharing the proof because GASR tends to get pitchforks and gang up on people. Sometimes, it's just an honest mistake.

Whenever we chose to ban someone or warn them for theft, it is never a personal attack on the person ever.
It's a shame that some of them are acting like it is.

It saddens me an awful lot.
We don't play favourites here and just because someone's a "big name" if there's solid proof that they are stealing we're not just going to let it slide because they say they are "innocent".

Even your best friends and the people who inspire you have a lapse of judgement

I think one of the biggest misconception about art theft is that people who steal art have no talent
Nope, in fact some people steal simply because they are lazy or maybe they are self conscious about their art.

Two of my best friends Joust and Bullshet (who are long gone) ended up stealing.
I know damn well that both of them could draw and had talent it's just a shame they wasted what they had on being dishonest.

I know sometimes it's hard to believe that someone could do something like that but like I said before people are human we all make mistakes we all have lapse of judgements.

It's hilarious because most of you were like "you guys don't do enough about art theft!" and now we've really put that extra effort into it and you guys are all "you're too harsh and unfair".

Some people are never pleased.

Business Order #5

Ou now let's talk about the badge shall we.
Like really guys do you know it's almost been 2 years since its creation.

How it started: In about 2010 art theft in GASR was skyrocketing and IMVU had taken a "I don't even want to hear about it" route of dealing with the theft. We couldn't warn people about theft and we couldn't call out names in the forums without being warned for baiting.

I had this idea (yeah okay maybe it's a stupid idea but it's more than all of what you guys did to combat theft) to instead of calling out the names of people who are dishonest call out the names of people who are honest.
That way people could be slightly skeptical of those without the badge.

Though the badge became more than that...
We also wanted people who give good service to get the badge too.
It's just a little way people who work hard can get an extra seal of approval and anyone ordering from their shop can be like "woah they have the badge they're okay to order from!".

Of course not everyone agrees with this badge but that's okay.

The choices about how this badge would work were not decided by just me alone (even though I came up with the initial idea) it was all from my theft group later called the "GASR Crusader" we all had a vote about how things should work with the badge.

Even today people are saying, "7 WIPS LOL WHAT YOU CRAY CRAY?!?!??11"
Honestly, one work in progress shot means little to nothing anymore. I have seen these faked more times than I care to think about (heck I've seen 7 WIPS from people who ended up stealing before).

To be honest WIPS aren't even that good judgement of authenticity anymore.
So really if you're too lazy to click print screen 7 times during the creation of your art then you shall really get no sympathy from me LOL. You're even lazier than I am. Congratulations.

Some of us had the idea that anyone who wanted to have a shop would have to show their authenticity BEFORE HAND. However, we decided that wasn't fair because some people have a big fear of rejection (yes even people who are authentic may feel that way) so we made it an extra optional choice.

You don't like the badge then don't apply for it.
Simple as that.

Most of you don't understand that this badge has been around longer than most of you by the way you guys have been acting these days.
^ this is the discussion thread

Though any rude comments can be taken directly to my PM.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read all of this.
- Bedlam

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