Artist of the Moment

Aloha~ im Lindsay and im a 15 year old shapeshifter. I like to do all kinds of art dps, hand drawn, pixels, just got into dA icons tbh. I got into art by being young and saying that hay lets draw on the internet and yea c:. Ive been doing art on here since i was bout 12. I like GASR becuse it brings the testers for new stuff and customers for good stuff to you likeee yaaassss.Im inspired by messy lineart and cool colors with warm accents, cyberghetto limelight, and the 90s. In the future with my art id like to be known like you google lindsay blair or czech and you get my art.I doing art beause when i go live i make friends, im having fun, and im making money for making pretty stuff like yas.

My Artwork

visit my shop

GASR Bi-Weekly Challenge


January 25, 2015

We have a new ongoing event on GASR! In the past, you may remember an event called the "Weekly Challenge." After much success with the event (as well as a few versions hosted by your peers), the staff has decided to revive the event but with a twist.

There are brand new prizes and themes this year, so check out the thread and join the fun!

GASR forum layout 2015


January 3, 2015

Our technician (wizard) Turtletrainer has been coding away and designed us this brand new forum layout for 2015!! If you are experiencing any bugs, please post them in the help and feedback forum.

Artist of the Moment is back!


November 16, 2014

AOTM has been on a long hiatus, but it is now back and ready to showcase interesting and talented artists from GASR. Want your artwork and shop displayed on the portal of GASR? All you have to do is click on this link and put your name down!

GASR Secret Santa has begun!


November 15, 2014

It's time for GASR's gift exchange which rolls around every year around Christmas! Create a special gift for someone and receive something special in return. Sign up here to participate in the 2014 GASR Secret Santa. The deadline to sign up is November 29.

New moderators + staff changes


November 6, 2014

We were overwhelmed by the amount of applications we received this year, and we really appreciate everyone's willingness to help the forum out! After much deliberation, the new moderators have finally been chosen.

Art shop moderators: Kore, Mortium, Pae, Someone
Auction moderators: Capsule, Cern, Krist
Event coordinators: Ashen, Cog, Kenobi

In addition, we have some minor staff changes.

We have a new administrator vin
We have a new global moderator Egoist
Isabellasilentrose has decided to become an event coordinator and an AP moderator.

Adjustments to the Staff page have been made for your convenience. Thanks again to everyone who applied to become a moderator!

Big forum overhaul


June 23, 2014

As we have promised, we've done some major spring cleaning throughout the GASR forums. Here's a summary of some of the changes:

• A massive update in our forum rules
• Asking for "first free" is no longer permitted anywhere on the forum
• Creating threads for posting your "livestream updates" in the custom shop is no longer permitted
• Removal of the Technical Issues subforum
• New subforum for rules and other important forum stuff
• Updated guide on pricing and critiquing
• All "important" stickies have been re-posted on the administrator account
• Ashen is no longer a moderator and Artist of the Moment is on hiatus

Click here for more details on the changes.

Sidebar Update


May 10, 2014

GASR has made an update to the sidebar (the column with the dp and account info) to make it more aesthetically pleasing and less cluttered. You can see the changes when you browse the forum.

Due to this update, some of you may be missing the Authentic Artist or Contributor badge. Please post in this thread if you are missing a badge.

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